What are some of the potential consequences of falling for an SSN scam call? How can you protect yourself from financial loss and identity theft?

03/05/2023 16:22:13 | Hugo

One potential consequence of falling for an SSN scam is that the scammer could steal your identity and use it to open new credit accounts or commit other fraud. It's important to monitor your credit report regularly and report any suspicious activity to the credit bureaus

03/05/2023 16:32:26 | Ferran

Falling for an SSN (Social Security Number) scam call can result in financial loss and identity theft. The scammers may use the obtained information to open fraudulent accounts or make unauthorized purchases, damaging your credit score and reputation

03/07/2023 16:51:44 | Brandon

The scammers may use the stolen SSN to open credit accounts, apply for loans, or file fake tax returns. Identity theft can lead to severe financial and legal consequences for the victim.

03/17/2023 08:55:55 | Wanda