Who called you from 570-388-8223 ?

570-388-8223 is a Landline number located in Scranton, PA .

5703888223 is provided by COMMONWEALTH TELEPHONE COMPANY LLC .

This number has been searched 83 times, users have left 1 comment .

So far 1 user have classified this Caller ID as Telemarketer .

Other variations of the number: 570-388-8223 , 5703888223 , 001-570-388-8223 , +1-570-388-8223 , (570) 388-8223 , 570 388-8223 , (570) 3888223 , 570 3888223

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Caller ID

Based on the reports submitted by our users, it appears that the phone number 570-388-8223 is associated with telemarketing .

Calls promoting products or services, often unsolicited. If you want register on Do Not Call list to reduce telemarketing calls; avoid sharing sensitive info with unsolicited callers.

General information

Total calls: 83

User reviews: 1

Usage: Landline

Location: Scranton, PA

Last call: 04/20/2024

Users reviews:

06 Apr 2023

Arthur reported number as Telemarketer

telemarketing. waste of my time

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