Who called you from 866-419-5000 ?

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Other variations of the number: 866-419-5000 , 8664195000 , 001-866-419-5000 , +1-866-419-5000

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Based on the reports submitted by our users, it appears that the phone number 866-419-5000 is Valid .

Legitimate calls from known entities, such as businesses, government agencies, or individuals with whom you have an existing relationship. Confirm caller's identity through official channels if in doubt; be cautious with sensitive info even with known callers.

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Total calls: 10130

User reviews: 49

Last call: 06/23/2024

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26 Dec 2023

DD reported number as Valid

Notification from city of Sherman, TX that water boil order restriction has been lifted.

11 Dec 2023

Tom reported number as Valid

Police Notification that a missing person had been found

07 Nov 2023

Me reported number as Valid

Valid CodeRed message, at least in Colorado. Police called with a message about a missing person.

05 Aug 2023

Lulu reported number as Valid

I believe the number actually belongs to or comes from the Code Red Early Warning System & the message we got was from our town to warn us that in an hour they are doing a siren test for our towns early warning system in case of fire or any other emergency so it was a legit call.

13 Jul 2023

?? reported number as Unknown

called on my land line showed it was a long distance call i did not pick up i suspect it was a phishing call

26 Apr 2023

MrKen reported number as Scam suspicion

Got a text this morning saying there was a water main problem and water should be boiled. It said to check the city’s website for info. It did not say what city or who was calling. I do not live in a city and our water company’s website says nothing about it. Tonight I got a voicemail with the same info.

22 Dec 2022

Dr. Stephen Hoemke reported number as Valid

Valid number for Code Red Colorado. From our emergency management department for Morgan County. They always send a text and follow up with the phone call with the same message.

28 Oct 2022

Alex reported number as Scam suspicion

Call at 7:43 am on October 28th as emergency contact. In our area in Florida, if there is an emergency, there is no direction to push any button on the phone for the message. This was for a false debt collection for an account we have never done business with and had no relationship. Reporting to FTC.

16 Oct 2022

Number is reported as Scam suspicion

866-419-5000 IMPERSONATING EMERGENCY Note: The Telephone Robocall Abuse Criminal Enforcement and Deterrence Act, or TRACED Act, increases fines on spam robocallers from $1,500 to as much as $10,000 per illegal call + text. Reported Concisely to FTC 16 Oct 2022 subject to FINES! Report as IMPERSONATING GOVERNMENT

16 Oct 2022

Number is reported as Scam suspicion

866-419-5000 IMPERSONATING EMERGENCY THIS NUMBER HAS BEEN reported 255 times to the FCC and FTC. The most RECENT issue is impersonation of Government, Dropped call or no message, Calls pretending to be government, businesses, or family and friends, Unwanted Calls, Other, No Subject Provided, Robocalls, Reducing your debt (credit cards, mortgage, student loans), Home security & alarms, Warranties & protection plans, Computer & technical support, Charities, Medical & prescriptions, and Energy, solar, & utilities. Reports have been made by users in 41 states. Report all text + calls directly to FTC

11 Jul 2022

Number is reported as Valid

Definitely my county Sheriff’s Department with a message (recorded message) about an at-risk underage female in my local area. I know for certain this was a valid caller mid-June of 2022, because later i read about it in our local newspaper. Again, definitely a valid caller with a good reason to call.

16 Jun 2022

Number is reported as Valid

Local Fire Dept. Called about a gas leak in the area & to shelter in place. This was in Santa Cruz, Ca.

22 May 2022

Number is reported as Valid

In Colorado phone# is for Code Red (codered) Emergency Reporting Number. They TEXT you, plus they followup with a automated voice message that confirms the text.

19 May 2022

Number is reported as Valid

Caller left message about legitimate road closures in my town.

12 May 2022

Number is reported as Unknown

Received call May 12, 2022 at 11:30 am CDST. Girls voice said Hi Grandma - I took day off from school - then later said I borrowed my friend's car at school to go get some headache medicine and had an accident. Man came on and said she was arrested and I need to withdraw money from bank for bail. Total scam - these people need a "day job", and stop bothering us old people.

08 Mar 2022

Number is reported as Valid

This was a call from my local county testing the emergency notification system as part of severe weather awareness week. You can call and have your number removed if you want. Not spam.

11 Jan 2022

Number is reported as Scam suspicion

Called at 2:30 a.m. (!) with a recorded message about being on the lookout for a missing senior man wearing a black and white Adidas jacket. Said to call my local police department if sighted.

09 Dec 2021

Number is reported as Unknown

12/8/2021 4:35pm PST - I live in the state of WA. Received a call from "Emergency Comm" on the caller ID, phone number 866-419-5000. I did not answer and received a voicemail. It appears this is a legitimate call from the county / emergency service. Here is the voicemail I received: Recorded female voice: "Attention: press any key or hold for an important message; Attention: press any key or hold for an important message; Attention: press any key or hold for an important message" Next an automated voice: "This a test message from Benton County Emergency Management. We are performing a test of the Code Red Emergency Notification System. If you have questions about the test or about Code Red please call 509-628-2600. This was only a test." Then I did a search of that phone number and it's legit. I was surprised!

05 Dec 2021

Number is reported as Valid

Left me a message about it being a no burn order at this time because we are in a drought. No burning leaves or yard debris, and no burn permits will be granted at this time. Valid!

21 Nov 2021

Number is reported as Unknown

It said something about they were from emergency to keep doors and cars locked and to stay inside.more information would be given as it becomes available.this was at 11:40pm

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