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Other variations of the number: 866-923-9443 , 8669239443 , 001-866-923-9443 , +1-866-923-9443

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Based on the reports submitted by our users, it appears that the phone number 866-923-9443 is associated with scam .

Broad term encompassing various fraudulent schemes aimed at deceiving individuals for financial gain. Be skeptical of unsolicited requests for personal/financial info; report suspicious activity to relevant authorities.

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Total calls: 1500

User reviews: 15

Last call: 07/14/2024

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23 May 2024

Veh. Warranty SCAM reported number as Unknown

I received a postcard stating in big bold red letters "FINAL NOTICE" on a new Nissan AriyaI I leased 2 months ago. The vehicle alert notices have a long history with state and federal investigators. The bold, large, red font compels people to, CALL IMMEDIATELY. TIME SENSITIVE. YOUR IMMEDIATE ATTENTION IS REQUIRED. The message suggests you face expensive car repair bills in the future because you won't have warranty coverage. The Federal Trade Commission says cards like this have tricked people into spending thousands of dollars on extended warranties they either can't use or never get. Please be aware there are predators out there.

11 Dec 2023

Brian reported number as Scam suspicion

Got the postcard called the number the lady said “Did you receive a postcard in the mail?” I asked for her to repeat the name of the “company “ and she did. Then I started laughing saying “OH OK YOURE ONE OF THOSE COMPANIES!?!?! I GET IT!” She tried to start her spiel while I’m laughing loudly trying to say “No just don’t I get it y’all are one of those ACME companies like from the cartoons not real!” And she started laughing which me. Long to short you pay them and they insure that they don’t cover anything besides the air valve caps for the tiees

30 Oct 2023

Mark reported number as Scam suspicion

Wife got a card in the mail that said final notice on factory warranty. No name, just to call this number 1-866-923-9443. There are only 3 groups that new this: The Dealer, Toyota and the DMV. Makes me really wonder Who is really selling our data!

27 Oct 2023

Car warranty scammer reported number as Scam suspicion

They are still sending out postcards and trying to scam people. Ugh

16 Aug 2023

Shirley reported number as Scam suspicion

received a card in the mail from an unknown source that headlined in red: FINAL NOTICE CALL 1-866-923-9443 WITHIN 5 BUSINESS DAYS. Had my full name then proceeded to tell me their records indicate that I have NOT highlighted in red capital letters ,contacted them to update the factory warranty on my new car that I had purchased a couple of months ago. Even had a picture of the car that I purchased but in black and white . Never contacted these people. Will never contact unsolicited no name on the mailing. SCAM!

20 Jun 2023

pete reported number as Scam suspicion

Got a card in the mail today. Called the number. Definitely a scam. Wanted to sell me insurance for a vehicle I don't own.

13 Jun 2023

Janet Cresse reported number as Scam suspicion

I received a post card from this phone number. I just purchased my vehicle a month ago. The person that answered the phone wanted to sell me a platinum service plan. I just told her I purchased what I needed when I bought my car. She said she would take me out of the system. I would never purchase a plan through a number without verifying it is legitimate.

04 Apr 2023

Kentucky reported number as Scam suspicion

My mother recieved a postcard in the mail that had info about her car and rushing her to extend the warranty. It listed this phone number and said Final Notice, but there was no company name listed. It just urged her to "call now". I smelled a rat and decided to google the number first, and I appreciate everyone else who posted there experience; suspicions confirmed: it is definitely a scam, and they won't be getting a call from us. I'm thankful for the creators and users of this website!

25 Mar 2023

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27 Jan 2023

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26 Jan 2023

Virginia reported number as Scam suspicion

I received a "Final Notice" post card regarding my new car warranty saying if I did not call this number I would be negligent and have to pay my for my car repairs. No company name was listed on the card. This is a car warranty scam and is not affiliated with the real car warranty I have on my car.

21 Sep 2022

Number is reported as Scam suspicion

Received a postcard listing a used car I just bought and warned me that I needed to call this number to "update the factory warranty ... [i]n order to guarantee its continues safe operation." No company name was listed. Legitimate companies tell you who you are dealing with.

01 Sep 2022

Number is reported as Scam suspicion

Final notice on car warranty, mailer is to entice you to call, no company name. Did not call.

28 Aug 2022

Number is reported as Scam suspicion

Auto warranty scam. Got snail mailed postcard in the mail. Card ONLY lists a phone number - NO company name!

02 Mar 2022

Number is reported as Unknown

Got a call from the number 8669239443 yesterday morning. I was at work so didn't answer. I don't call back unknown numbers, which I think is a good behaviour because of possible unwanted costs. Some time ago I had a call from similar number. But they called me again late in the afternoon, I decided to pick it up but there was a silence on the other end and then the call ended. Waste of time.

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