jack demmer ford website prompted a text message to my phone from 855 909-0331 with a verification code when used on the website allowed access to my account


11/03/2023 01:25:25 | asadali


11/03/2023 01:25:26 | asadali

+1 (919)827-2505 +1 (833) 417-2274

12/13/2023 09:43:47 |

The call came on my cell phone but it did not ring and went straight to my voicemail. A voice message left asked the question "Do you have a phone in your home that is not a cell phone? If so, press 1". The call came from a Tool Free number - 1-800-672-7339. I did not respond and deleted the number from my Cell phone.

01/08/2024 17:00:08 | Kitty